Factors to Keep In Mind before Installing Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel

The snorkel is an SUV accessory that helps the car go through the waterlogged road or areas. Many people are unaware of the Toyota Landcruiser Snorkel’s working pros and cons. Our post today will discuss all the things related to vehicle snorkeling. The right snorkel helps to enhance the overall efficiency of the car.

Let’s briefly discuss this to get an exact idea about the working, advantages, and disadvantages. So, have a look at this.

Purposes of the Snorkel

A snorkel is a type of submarine snorkel that allows the engines to work while the vehicle is submerged in water. A high-quality snorkel also enhances the overall efficiency of the car’s engine. This is mostly used for tanked and armored vehicles.

Toyota Landcruiser snorkel is among the most searched accessories in the market now the days. It helps the car to work great even in a harsh situation.

Snorkels raise the air intake in the vehicles, which helps them to breathe underwater in a type of emergency or difficult situation. Below are some things about the Toyota Landcruiser snorkel you must know.

Rated Wading Depth

Water entering the vehicles not damages the engine only, but also affects the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicles. The wading depth shows how well the cabin is sealed from water intrusion into the vehicles.

For example, Isuzu D- Max & Chevrolet Colorado have similar heights, but the rated wading depth is quite different from each other in comparison. The fuel efficiency gets increased to a large extent when you have the right snorkel.

Vehicle Snorkel System

The best way to find the perfect snorkel fit is to check and choose the one that is made according to your vehicle model. It will always fit well if chosen in this way. It is also possible to find the one you customize on your own for the vehicles, but it’s time-consuming and costly too. Looking for a snorkel, then a Toyota Landcruiser snorkel is also a good choice. The snorkel dispels the hot air from inside and takes in the cool air, enhancing the car’s efficiency.

Besides, You May Change

You can also change the internal air intake to fit the custom-made snorkel in your vehicle. Most snorkels are made in such a way that will prevent leaks in the vehicles, and the Toyota Landcruiser snorkel is also a good option.

Type of System

There are two kinds of heads for commercial snorkels available in the market. The commonest kind is the type of run using the duct facing the front while air starts ramming when the vehicle runs. This system is usually found in 4*4 off-road parts in your area.

The next kind is the form of cyclone vortexes. Here, the tilted vanes inside the snorkel will let the air enter to swirl. This motion will push dust, air, and water out of the snorkel. The reviews of the Toyota Landcruiser snorkel are quite impressive so you can check about it.

How Do You Locate The Best System?

  • The snorkel systems usually have two types of heads, the ram, and vortex. The forward-facing duct is where the air is rammed into, and the eater gets pushed out.
  • The vortex snorkel system has titled vanes in bowl-shaped heads that let the air swirl around. This motion creates the centrifugal force that pushes the dirt and water out of the edges of the bowl. It is the kind of system filtering out cleaner air. The significant distinction between these two kinds is not similar to the ram kind. The Toyota Landcruiser snorkel is quite a good choice.


Before the installation of a Toyota Landcruiser snorkel, make sure you are taking professional assistance to assure a seamlessly installed snorkel. Ensure the car has the proper sealing; otherwise, the water will enter inside and spoil the electrical and mechanical factors of the car. The snorkel will not work properly if they are not sealed correctly. Always seek professional help before the installation of a snorkel.

Try to take an expert or professional choice before making any final decision. Go through the articles carefully and keep all these things in mind to avoid any trouble in the future.

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